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Bnos Programming
for High School

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Our Bnos leaders are warm and nurturing. Each year Rabbi Rapoport interviews and hires dedicated, sensitive girls to create a chassidishe atmosphere on campus and in the dorm.

We have a very exciting and active Bnos Chabad program which includes activities in and out of school such as,

Farbrengens - Chassidishe activities and farbrengens with our Bnos leaders and with Shluchos.

Trips - Regularly scheduled trips to Sky High, Comedy Sportz, and more

Shabbatons - Shabbatons are often to exciting places in and around California.

Achos HaTmimim - Challenge yourself to be your very best.

Rosh Chodesh and Yoma dePagra events.

Hebrew Academy Preschool

Best Jewish Infant care through Pre-K

Silver Gan Israel

Jewish Day Camp - Huntington Beach

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