Judaic Studies and Hebrew Language

Judaism comes alive in the Kindergarten classroom! The Aleph Bais, the weekly Torah Parsha, and holiday traditions come alive and are taught through song, beautiful art projects, and exciting games. Our aim is for our students to love and live Judaism and be proud of their Jewish heritage.

Our Kindergarten students will master the letters of the Hebrew Alphabet and most vowels over the course of the school year.

The acquisition of conversational Modern Hebrew is a main theme at the  Hebrew Academy. Our aim is for our students to develop a love for Israel through the use of Hebrew language. Our curriculum is designed to help the students to develop expressive language skills and reading readiness in Hebrew.


Language Arts


Pearson’s Reading Street curriculum is truly a wonderful part of our kindergarten program. We have a major part of the program online, allowing teachers to utilize the Smart Board, as well as follow up learning for students with home access. We use various teaching methods while teaching reading.


Kindergarten is the first year students are exposed to the Lucy Calkin’s Writer’s Workshop program. Each author (student) receives his/her own folder. We begin the year learning how to properly hold our pencil and begin writing developmentally appropriate stories. Your students will learn catchy phrases such as ‘sound words out S-L-O-W-L-Y like a turtle’ and ‘once you’re done,  you’ve only just begun.’ This program sets a strong foundation for a love of writing.


Science and Social Studies 


Science is integrated through our language arts program and reinforced through small group activities. Some highlights of the year include learning about density, magnets, planting, and the life cycle of a butterfly.


Our goal in social studies is to learn about our community. We do this through our various field trips throughout the year. In Kindergarten, the emphasis is on basic vocabulary building related to holidays, family, colors, numbers ,common nouns, fruits, vegetables, and basic food names, calendar terms, weather, social terms and the  human body.



Sadlier-Oxford is an integrated mathematics program that covers the California state standards and provides students with many opportunities for critical thinking in math, many of which are reinforced through our daily calendar routine. The topics below are covered throughout the year.

· Recognizing 2D and 3D shapes

· Counting 1 through 100

· Understanding coin values

· Pattern recognition

· Identifying directional words such as left, right, top, bottom, middle.