Welcome to First Grade




Our classroom environment is one that promotes respect and responsibility. You will be amazed to see how your first grader grows this year!  The students learn to work with their fellow classmates through group discussions and activities. Academically, your child will go from recognizing letters and sounds of the alphabet to fluently reading books. 

First Grade Expectations:

Be Kind

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Children who exhibit the expected behavior and core values will be rewarded with personal pride, admiration of their peers, a happy teacher and positive learning environment, and opportunities to earn prizes or  class coupons. In addition, the class as a whole can earn marbles for a classroom celebration. 

If a student is having difficulty following directions, a simple request for appropriate behavior is given. If the child continues to not follow directions, a second request is given. If the child is non-compliant after the second request, the child will be asked to ‘refocus’. The child will fill out a refocus form which serves as an opportunity for the child to reflect on his or her actions. When the child has had time to ‘refocus,’ he or she may return to class.