Welcome to Third Grade




Our goal is to educate, motivate, and inspire life long learners. We believe that learning can best be achieved by providing exciting, challenging, and purposeful learning opportunities that require higher order thinking skills.  It is important that a school environment be safe and nurturing, and that each student should feel supported, confident, accepted, understood and challenged.

Third Grade is a year for growing, in every way!
Your children will become more proficient in all Torah, English, and Mathematical skills. They will become more independent in their working and thinking. We will focus on problem solving, both inside and outside the classroom, being a good friend and member of their community.


Homework is handed out on a weekly basis. It consists of 15 spelling words, math and English activities, reading and timetables. Homework is collected on Fridays, just before our weekly spelling and mental math tests.

Judaic homework is given three times a week to reinforce the Torah, reading and language skills.