Welcome to Fourth Grade




Fourth grade at the Hebrew Academy will be a time of growth for your child. Not only will the curriculum be taught at a faster pace, but your child will start taking on more responsibility for him/herself. As he or she matures, you should have to do less ’reminding’ and checking about things such as homework and personal belongings.


Homework is given in order for your child to practice things we’ve covered in class, or to prepare for something we’re going to cover the next day. It is truly important that your child complete his/her homework. In general, the assigned work will take approximately 40 to 45 minutes of focused attention a night to complete.

In addition to school-wide rules, the fourth graders and both teachers set up rules for our own classroom. These are posted in the room and we review them every few months and/or make changes as needed.

Positive behavior will be rewarded in a variety of ways. The reward system is posted in our classroom and the students are well aware of the expectations.