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Supply List

Supply List






Supply Box 8 x 5 x 3 (approx)

1 Pack Baby Wipes/Hand Wipes

10 or More Glue Sticks

1 Box of 12 Sharpened #2 Pencils

1 Box of 12 Chubby Sharpened Colored Pencils

2 Large Pink Erasers

1 Personal Pencil Sharpener with Shavings Holder

1 Box of 8 Crayola Markers

1 Box of at least 16 Crayons (for Ivrit)

(Note: Judaic Studies supplies will be purchased by

the teacher and a $10.00 reimbursement will be requested.)

* All listed grade supplies except markers, colored pencils, pencil boxes and crayons which will be kept by your child, will be collected and shared.

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