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Dress Code

Dress Code




Dress Code

Wearing the Hebrew Academy uniform is a positive demonstration of good habits. It helps to promote a climate of discipline and responsibility. It is part of belonging--with pride--to the Hebrew Academy community. Not following the dress code will result in missed class time or return to home.


General Expectations:

●     Uniforms: Clean at all times.
●     Hair:  Clean, neat and away from the eyes.
●     Shoes: All shoes must be closed-toed. No sandals.
●     Outerwear:  Must be uniform outerwear with school logo
●     PE Uniforms: Grades 6 – 12 have PE uniforms available, and the uniforms are optional. Students will be given time to change.  



1.    Uniform: See specific grade for requirements
2.    Kippah: Kippah must be worn at all times. (available for purchase at school)
3.    Tzitzit:  Tzitzit worn from Elementary school.  (available for purchase at school)
4.    Socks: Black, Navy or White socks. (socks must cover ankles)



1.      Uniform: See specific grade for requirements
2.      Socks: Black, White, Maroon or Grey.  Elementary - socks must cover ankles. Middle School and High School  - Knee socks or tights are required. Maroon and Grey socks must be purchased from True Grits.
3.      Leggings: Only black fitted leggings will be permitted.
4.      Pants:  No pants, pajama bottoms or sweats worn under uniform skirts.
5.      Jewelry: Minimal.
6.      Makeup:  Minimal.  Lipstick clear or pale pink only.
7.      Nails: Clean and trimmed.  Middle School and High Schoo l  - light or clear nail polish only
8.      Hair Accessories: Hair accessories are optional. If worn, they must be grey, black, maroon or TG plaid.

Rosh Chodesh (Grades K - 5), Town Hall (Grades K - 12) and Fieldtrip days (Grades K - 12): TRUE GRITS UNIFORMS MUST BE WORN. Students risk missing out on activities or even school if they are not in uniform.

Free Dress Days (Grades K - 12):  The first Friday of each month is free dress. Even on free dress days, proper adherence to modest dress is required.  Boys: Kippah & Tzitzit.  Girls:  Modest skirts or dresses.

Uniform Code K-2

Uniform Code 3-5

Uniform Code 6-8

Uniform Code 9-12 




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