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Elementary Teachers and Aides

Rabbi Avrohom Popack -  Assistant Principal Judaic Studies 

General Studies Teachers

Robin McManus Elementary GS - K/ Music
Lauren Wolder Elementary GS - 1 AM
Jenna Sagan Elementary GS - 2
Susan Choi Elementary GS - 3 AM &1 PM
Stephanie Rimdzius Elementary GS - 4
Amanda Monaco Elementary GS - 5 AM


Judaic Studies Teachers

Miriam Rapoport Elementary JS - K PM
Rochie Popack Elementary JS - 1
Ronya Fajnland Elementary JS - 2
Rabbi Sender Engel Elementary JS - 2
Ita Marcus Elementary JS - 3 PM
Rabbi Mendy Drihem Elementary JS - 4
Rabbi Mendy Naparstek Elementary JS - 5 and MS JS


Teachers' Aides

Miriam "Mimi" Katzoff Elementary GS and JS Aide - K
Delmi Moran Elementary GS Aide - 2
Diane Koseff Elementary GS Aide - 3 AM
Angela Moradi Elementary GS Aide- 1st
Esther Yavitch Elementary JS Aide 1st
Muka Eilfort Elementary JS Aide - 2nd
Nehama Abecasis Elementary JS Aide - 3rd





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