Why Choose Us?


1) I love the Hebrew Academy, but why should I enroll my children in the school when I have so many other fine, public schools and districts surrounding my community?

A good secular education that prepares young minds for the competition is a necessity in today's world, and we offer that, plus we offer something more.

Our Secular Education is continually evaluated and accredited internally and by WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) respectively.


The teachers and administrators - understand the importance of values-based education. From early childhood education through high school, the teachers give warm, individual attention to every student.


We also offer our students a rich understanding of their Jewish heritage by providing a comprehensive Judaic program.  The Secular program and the Jewish studies curriculum compliment each other. This generates a rich blend of knowledge. Additionally, we understand the importance of creating a community for our students and their parents.

2) Why should I drive out of my way when I have a wonderful school in my backyard?

Here at the Hebrew Academy, we know - to paraphrase an old song - that childhood is a magical time. Our staff takes the time to really know each student and the student's family. Our small teacher - to - pupil ratio ensures that each child get individualized attention.

Another important element is the feeling of connection and community. There are no strangers in our school. Students relate to each other as if they are part of an extended family. Younger students look up to the older ones. They - in turn - take on the responsibility to mentor and tutor the younger ones.


We also have many community-wide events that allow our parents to form relationships with each other, the staff and their children's fellow students.

In addition, we have after-school programs that help them thrive even more.



3) Judaic values are all very nice, but I want my children to excel in the outside world. How does this school prepare them for the competition to get into Ivy League and other high-quality universities?


The school has instituted yearly aptitude tests based on national academic standards. In addition, the school's academic goal is not based on meeting national standards, but using those standards as a springboard to surpass and exceed.  At present our average student performs at the level equivalent to the 81 percentile of the nation (31 points above the average).

Many of our students have gone on to compete successfully at schools throughout the nation and at high-level colleges. These include UCLA, UCI, USC, Harvard as well as Columbia University, Yeshiva University, and top Yeshivot throughout the world.  Some are attending professional schools and others become professors or have careers in medicine and law. All our alumni can tell you that the values they learned at the Hebrew Academy are what helped them succeed.



4) How can I be sure that my children are receiving a high-quality Judaic education that includes all types of Judaism?


Our students and families come from all walks of life and all segments of Judaism. We are not a Reform, Conservative, Orthodox or even Chassidic School. We are a community Jewish school that takes pride in passing on the experience and joy of our heritage and tradition.  We, at the Hebrew Academy, teach and accentuate the beauty of the full Jewish experience.

A large portion of our students have gone on to prestigious schools. Students all matriculate from the Hebrew Academy with a deep rooted love and knowledge of Judaism and a commitment to future community involvement in what ever community they may be.


What we do emphasize is "Chai" or "Life" way. It is a series of tradition-based values that provide our students a structure on which to build their moral development. The moral backbone develops psychological and spiritual strength. These values include commitment, integrity, responsibility, kindness, goal-setting, appreciation, respect, discipline, cooperation, activism and initiative.



5) We all know that Hebrew is part of the curriculum of a Jewish Day School, but how effective are the classes?

Realistically, students need to be immersed in a language in order to learn it well. Here, at the Hebrew Academy, students spend a significant amount of time conversing, writing and reading modern-day Hebrew as spoken in Israel.  The instructors are experts in the field.

Our Judaic Studies teachers are certified. They understand the importance of teaching language in context.



6) What if my child is coming into the school at a later grade? Will he or she be able to fit in or even understand the Judaic component of your program?


Since we encourage every child at the Hebrew Academy to feel as if they are a larger part of an extended family. We have special classes to bring children up to speed.  Our goal is to integrate students and mainstream them into their grade level classes as early as possible.