Welcome to Kindergarten



 Our classroom environment is warm and friendly, making students’ transition from pre-school to kindergarten seamless. We have several opportunities for individual attention; for example, we celebrate each student when they are Star of the Week and daily Mitzvah notes.  We praise positive behavior and teach students how to work in our classroom and school community because our students are implementing our core values. Coordinating several activities that promote our joint curriculum honors Kindergarten as the foundation for learning about the Hebrew Academy’s five pillars of success. One of the highlights of Kindergarten is cooking in our Kindergarten Kitchen.

At the end of each day students recite and sometimes receive the “monkey award” in general studies and the “treasure award” in Judaic studies, both of which are daily awards given to students that exemplify model behavior both socially and academically.  Kindergarten follows the school wide system in terms of our behavior policy. We are learning to “refocus” through verbal communication with the teacher or by visiting our hands on refocus box (sensory box) that allows students an opportunity to have independent time to reflect before returning to their group activities.

After the high holidays we begin our weekly homework packets. Every year we make adjustments to the home experiences based on both the class and individual student needs. Therefore, all students’ needs are being supported.


Is my child ready for Kindergarten? 

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