Supporting a Successful Middle School Transition

Transitioning from Lower School to Middle School is an important milestone in your child’s life and educational journey. Middle School represents a time of tremendous growth and change - physically, emotionally, and cognitively. Students transitioning to Middle School are often excited about the opportunities of greater freedom and independence and, at the same time, anxious about living up to the expectations.  Social connections, acceptance, and belonging are extremely important to them. Even the most capable and dedicated students may be distracted from academic pursuits if they are not experiencing security in their social connections. Succeeding academically and fulfilling parent and personal expectations are very important to them; every student wants to be capable and competent.  We leverage student enthusiasm by introducing new ideas, experiences and perspectives at every turn. Our program is designed to cultivate confident, caring critical thinkers who will thrive in a competitive world thanks to a world-class curriculum.

A successful Middle School transition can usher in a positive Upper School experience stretching all the way through the end of high school. This period represents a developmental milestone that requires special recognition, support, and consideration from parents and teachers.  Our teachers incorporate social development, academic challenge, as well as and targeted, individualized support to ensure that students get what they need, when they need it.

This Parent Guide will help families parents and teachers at The Hebrew Academy work together to help prepare 5th Grade students successfully transition from Lower School to Middle School.