Mrs. Candy Kahn —General Studies


Mrs. Kahn has been a teacher at The Hebrew Academy since 2017.  Born and raised in South Africa, she completed her teacher training and Degree in Primary (Elementary) Education at the University of the Witwatersrand.  She has taught both Kindergarten and First Grade here at The Hebrew Academy, and is the 2019 repient of our prestigous Teacher of the Year Award. She and her husband have two teenage children. 


Morah Devorah Lovitch -Judaic Studies


Morah Devorah Lovitch is a long-time and beloved Kindergarten teacher at The Hebrew Academy. She is passionmate in teaching the joy and the teachings of holiday lessons and Jewish traditions through creative projects. Hebrew alphabet and reading is an important skill that is taught at this level and both teachers have seen great success in accomplishing their goals in reading.  "My love for teaching has kept me in the classroom for many years. Our goal is to embrace our students with a love for learning and pride in their Judaism, and the importance of first and foremost being a “mentch”."


Noa Slayback - Hebrew Language


Born and raised in Israel, where her siblings and parents still live, Mrs. Slayback now lives with her husband and daughter in Huntington Beach. She earned a B.A in both Humanities and Social Sciences at Ben Gurion University.  She has always loved the Hebrew language and now enjoys sharing it with students of all ages.  Having studied child development, she knows that the way to reach children is to create an engaging and stimulating environment where students feel safe to take chances.  Her classroom is alive with physical activity and with games that help students want to learn more. Mrs. Slayback’s hobbies and passions include piano, ballet, Qi Gong, and pilates. She is an avid reader of world news and events, and watches Israeli TV to maintain her connection to the country.