General Studies

📕 Reading: Students  will learn all about letters, words, and sounds. They will apply this knowledge to read simple sentences, and they will become excited about deciphering the world of letters and text.

📝 Writing: Students will learn to write capital and lowercase letters using a special curriculum called Handwriting Without Tears.  At this stage, we do not emphasize correct spelling, but rather stress the “sounding out” of words so that early writers develop awareness of sounds and how they relate to writing.

💯 Math: Students will learn to write  numbers. They will explore number concepts including addition and subtraction and learn to identify and describe shapes and patterns, which will instill mathematical thinking and prepare them for learning more sophisticated concepts in math in the future.

😃 Social and Emotional Learning (SEL): Emotional intelligence has been described as the single most critical factor for success in 21st century learning.  Students in Kindergarten learn to regulate their impulses and feelings, delay gratification, take turns, and consider the feelings, needs and perspectives of others.  They learn to see themselves as part of a larger classroom community.

Judaic Studies and Hebrew Language

Judaism comes alive in the Kindergarten classroom! The Aleph Bais, the weekly Torah Parsha, and holiday traditions come alive and are taught through song, beautiful art projects, and exciting games. Our aim is for our students to love and live Judaism and be proud of their Jewish heritage.

Our Kindergarten students will master the letters of the Hebrew Alphabet and most vowels over the course of the school year.

The acquisition of conversational Modern Hebrew is a main theme at the  Hebrew Academy. Our aim is for our students to develop a love for Israel through the use of Hebrew language. Our curriculum is designed to help the students to develop expressive language skills and reading readiness in Hebrew.