M rs. Susan Choi—General Studies



Mrs. Choi  has been a highly regarded teacher at The Hebrew Academy since 20011.  She graduated from Cal State Long Beach with a BA in Liberal Studies and continued her education at CSULB where she received a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential.  She has taught various grade levels in both public and private school settings. She joined The Hebrew Academy family In 2011, and has been our 3rd grade teacher every since (She has also taught 1st and 5th grade)!  Mrs. Choi is credited with an unparalleled command of the third grade curriculum and the ability to meet each and every student at their level and move them forward.  Her knowledge and insight into the whole child cultivates a classroom community where every student flourishes She is best known for nurturing and guiding students to develop a love for learning and teaching them to become confident, independent thinkers. When she’s not teaching, she enjoys spending quality time with her family (She and her husband have 2 boys in elementary school) and friends. She is adventurous, and enjoys traveling, skiing, attending concerts, watching movies, and shopping.


Morah Rochie Popack-Judaic Studies 




Noa Slayback - Ivrit (Hebrew Language)



Born and raised in Israel, where her siblings and parents still live, Mrs. Slayback now lives with her husband and daughter in Huntington Beach. She earned a B.A in both Humanities and Social Sciences at Ben Gurion University.  She has always loved the Hebrew language and now enjoys sharing it with students of all ages.  Having studied child development, she knows that the way to reach children is to create an engaging and stimulating environment where students feel safe to take chances.  Her classroom is alive with physical activity and with games that help students want to learn more. Mrs. Slayback’s hobbies and passions include piano, ballet, Qi Gong, and pilates. She is an avid reader of world news and events, and watches Israeli TV to maintain her connection to the country.