General Studies

  • Reading: Students will learn  to read in more detailed and complex ways, recognizing complex word families when reading. They will apply this new knowledge to to decode unfamiliar words, ask questions and support answers with evidence.

  • Writing: Students will begin the transition from printing to cursive using a curriculum called Handwriting Without Tears.  Students will also learn to write paragraphs with topic sentences and supporting facts, how to revise their writing,  and write descriptions to support opinions.

  • Math: Students will be able to represent and solve problems involving multiplication and division within 100, use place value understanding and properties of operations to perform multi-digit arithmetic, develop understanding of fractions as numbers, solve problems involving measurement and estimation of intervals of time, liquid volumes, and masses of objects, and examine different shape categories.  

  • Social and Emotional Learning (SEL): Students will continue to incorporate SEL into their academic lives cultivating self regulation, self awareness, flexibility, and the ability to consider other perspectives.


Judaic Studies


The Study of formal Torah /Chumash text learning is a main subject in our Judaic class. Emphasis is made on students gaining a clear understanding of the fascinating narratives of Parshat (Section).

Students will continue to build their Torah vocabulary base of high frequency words, prefixes, and suffixes and most common root words. Our aim is for our students to become independent Torah scholars.

Volume two of the Loshon Hatorah skill builder series is introduced in this grade level, to ensure reinforcement and mastery of these important skills. As important as the textual knowledge, is the moral and ethical values, as well as the personal association and relevancy that extend from this learning. Instruction is done in variety of ways including: teacher led instruction, group level differentiated instruction, and independent discovery learning.


Every day, a period is allotted to reinforcing the fluency and accuracy of Hebrew reading. Reading practice is conducted with partners, in small group and full class settings, to ensure that reading sessions are simulating, engaging  and fun.


The weekly Torah reading/Parsha  comes alive and becomes very relevant, as our students learn the main Parsha themes of the week.


Students broaden their knowledge and fluency of the traditional daily prayers from a Siddur (prayerbook), as well as gain an appreciation for the meaning of the prayers they are reciting.

Our goal is for our students to be familiar and at home with the Jewish prayers in every prayer setting.

Power of Prayer” is a very beautiful scrapbooking project, exclusive to the Hebrew Academy, which follows our students from 3rd to 5th grade. Power of prayer is a fun and exciting way of giving our students an in depth look at meaning of the prayers beyond the literal translation of the words.  With Power of Prayer, our students have an opportunity, in art form, to express what the prayers mean on a personal level.


Hebrew Language


Our Jewish  Holidays, traditions and culture come alive with energy and  spirit ,as our students  see , hear  and feel first  hand from their Rabbis and Morahs, who are living examples of  Judaism at its finest.

Students of the Hebrew Academy receive a complete and comprehensive awareness and  full understanding of Judaic culture and the timeless messages that are as  relevant  today as ever before. Hebrew Academy Students will learn and know the traditions and how to participate in  Jewish  rituals ,ceremony and celebrations. Guaranteed!


The acquisition of conversational modern Hebrew is a main theme at the Hebrew Academy. Our aim is for our students to develop a love for the land and people of Israel thru the use of the Hebrew language. In Ivrit, students develop their Hebrew oral skills. As they advance in their knowledge and  accuracy of Hebrew, they become confident in their communication abilities. Lessons are based and built around  our recently adopted Hamikrah Migdal Ohr workbook series. Pages are beautifully decorated, engaging and stimulating.

In 3rd grade, the emphasis is on simple sentence structure related to personal life, and relationship building. Strong Jewish values are highly emphasized throughout the Ivrit curriculum.