During the Summer it is helpful for children to maintain an element of structure.  It provides continuity and a sense of security. It also helps maintain good habits and routines that serve them all year round,  Leisure reading is a critical component of any Summer schedule. It cultivates a love for reading, it provides important quiet/calm time for restful relaxation, and it helps maintain the reading skills gained in the previous school year.  We recommend at least 20 mins a day of reading for every student. The links below provide current grade-level reading recommendations.  

Tips for a Successful Summer Reading program: 

  • Reading should be enjoyable and encouraging.  There is no need to push students to read above their grade level.  Encourage students to choose books at their own level.

  • Comprehension is as important as decoding and fluency.  Encourage your student to recall, consider, and think about what s/he is reading.  Ask probing questions such as: “What’s this story about?” “Tell me about the characters.” “What do you think might happen next?” or “How do you think the story might end?”

  • Take your children to the library.  Consider joining Clubs or public reading programs that encourage reading.

  • Read in the car!  Play word and alphabet games while driving or listen to a story

Summer Reading Lists


First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade

Sixth Grade

Middle School / Upper School 

Elementary Reading Log