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InterGenerational Day

A Tu bShvat Celebration

  • InterGenerational Day recognizes the importance of our heritage, our community and relationships across generations.

    We’re inviting the grandparents and "grandfriends" of our students to the event on January 18th. We’re sorry – parents and siblings are not invited to this particular event as we have  limited space.

    We understand that not all children can  have their grandparents in attendance. We encourage these children to bring another special adult – a family friend, other relative like an aunt, uncle, or a neighbor. If no one is available, we are inviting some older adults from a local community group to act as special "grandfriends" to students. Some children are also glad to share their grandparent with a classmate. If you have questions about who to invite, or whether or not to invite someone,  please contact  Rabbi Popack, at (714) 898-0051 ext 203 or talk with your child’s teacher.

    Please complete this RSVP form. We MUST receive RSVP’s no later than Friday, January 11th.

    Please help avoid last minute confusion, misunderstandings, and hurt feelings by following these requests.

    If your child has a grandparent who cannot attend the event, please ask them to write a note to their grandchild and put it in a sealed envelope for the child to open and read on InterGenerational Day. Grandparents can mail the note directly to the school to the attention of Rabbi Popack or pass it along through you. In this way, Grandparents can still participate in the event with their grandchildren.

    InterGenerational Day is a special day for both the young and those young at heart. Thank you for your cooperation in making this event a success and a positive, memorable experience for your child.


    Rabbi Popack

  • Schedule:

    Preschool Program begins at 9:30 

    Program for Grades K-5 

    10:00-10:30 Registration/program opening
    10:30-11:00 Challah Baking
    11:00-11:30 Lunch
    11:30 Tree planting ceremony

    Program for Grades 6-8 

    10:45-11:00  Registration/program opening
    11:00-11:30 Lunch
    11:30-11:50 Tree planting ceremony
    11:50-12:10 xSTREAM Lab activity/Art activity

  • Grandparents will sit with all grandchildren together during lunch.

    At the beginning of the program, grandparents will be participating with their grandchildren in various activities, according to grade level.

    Please indicate above* which child will be with their grandparent for this first  part of the program.

    You may also indicate if you want all your children to be with their grandparent for the full program and we will arrange for them  to participate in a fun activity during this time. (In this instance, children will not be with their classes for this activity).

  • I would like to make a donation to help sponsor this event! 

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