Patrick Crowley - Dean of Students

Mr. Crowley has been working with The Hebrew Academy since 2017.  He supports our school climate and community to ensure that every student has the most expansive opportunities for personal and intellectual growth.  He is also a dynamic and creative Social Studies teacher. Originally from Philadelphia, Mr. Crowley brings a diverse range of teaching and administrative experiences in numerous prestigious settings including New York City schools and Johns Hopkins University.  He has earned multiple and advanced degrees from Columbia University and Boston College. 

Rochel Leah Stillerman - Director of Student Life, Upper School Girls

Mrs. Stillerman, her husband Rabbi Tzali, and their children, serve as the Chabad Shluchim in Aliso Viejo, California.  She has been a mashpia in The Hebrew Academy’s Upper School for over a decade. She brings a vibrant and scholarly approach to teaching, while helping to cultivate a positive and healthy academic and Judaic environment where students are inspired to do their best.  In addition to teaching and her role in the Administration she advises students in religious values, personal goals, and emotional growth and works closely with the B’nos youth directors to ensure engaging and meaningful programs for students. Mrs. Stillerman is highly regarded for her devotion to the well-being of our students.  

Lisa Lopez - Curriculum Specialist

Mrs. Lopez has worked as a Curriculum specialist and a teacher at The Hebrew Academy since 2017.  She has an extensive professional background as a Teacher, Academic Coach, and Curriculum Specialist. Having already earned a teaching credential and Masters of Education she is currently pursuing a doctorate in Education. Mrs. Lopez is best known for her creative and passionate leadership and teaching.  She cultivates leadership and self-confidence in her students by maintaining high expectations and providing close guidance and support.

Lauren Adler - Middle School English Teacher

Ms. Adler is passionate about educating our future leaders, and she knew from an early age that she would become a teacher. She has taught Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies in elementary and middle school and high-school English and History.  She has also worked as a school administrator. Born and raised in L.A, she earned a degree from UCLA, where she studied Communications, Education, and Liberal Arts. She also studied for a time at the University of Essex in Britain and later earned certification in Supervision and Administration.  Among her accomplishments as a teacher, she was honored to receive the National Beth A. Lake Award and a grant for her Writers' Workshop program.