...tell the office you’ll be on assignment, unavailable, with a very important client. Tell ‘em anything…just so you can take the day off for a great round of golf at a sublime private club, the Seacliff Country Club in Huntington Beach, about a 7-iron from Hebrew Academy. It’s a scramble, which means that every golfer has a chance to help his team, off the tee, from the fairway, on the green, or even (yikes!) out of the woods. To make things even more intriguing, we offer a helicopter ball drop—you’ll win up to $10,000 if your numbered ball is either in or closest to the hole. The money we raise at this event, which features corporate sponsorships (how about your company?) goes to benefit the Scholarship Fund and the After School Program. It’s your honor, so fire away!

5.14.2018 at SeaCliff Country Club  6501 Palm Ave, Huntington Beach