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New Student Admissions Forms for K - 12

     Kindergarten forms

    ► Application for Admission

    ► Teacher Recommendation K (right menu)

     ►  Health Immunization Requirements (pdf)

    ►  Medical Examination/Immunization Form (pdf)

     ►  K-12 Fee Schedule (right menu)

     ►  Financial Aid Form (pdf)

    ► Enrollment Contract (right menu)
         (upon completed enrollment)


     1st - 8th Grade  Forms

    ►  Application for Admission

     ►  Teacher Recommendation (right menu)

     ►   Authorization for Transfer of Records (pdf)

     ►   Health Immunization Requirements (pdf)

    ►  Medical Examination/Immunization Form (pdf)

     ►  K-12 Fee Schedule (right menu)

     ►  Financial Aid Form (pdf)

    ►  Transportation Request Form

     ► Enrollment Contract (right  menu)
         (upon completed enrollment)


     High School/ Dormitory Forms

    ►  Enrollment Contract (right  menu)
         (upon completed enrollment)

    ►  Application for Admission

    ►  Dormitory Contract  (right menu)

     ►   Authorization for Transfer of Records

       Health Immunization Requirements  (pdf)

    ►   Medical Examination/Immunization Form (pdf)

     ►  K-12 Fee Schedule (right menu)

     ►  Financial Aid Form (pdf)


Returning Student Admissions Forms 

    ► New Re-Enrollment Letter

    ► Re-Enrollment Contract (right menu)

    ►  Health Immunization Requirements (pdf)

    ► Financial Aid Form (pdf)

    ► Transportation Request Form (right menu)