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Our Principal at the Prizmah Conference

At The Hebrew Academy, we pride ourselves on continuing education for all of our staff to stay at the forefront of education and learning. We value the professional development of our staff to learn new ways to incorporate ideas and tackle challenges in the classrooms so our students can get the very best of our teachers, the environment and the general and Judaic material we are teaching.

Our principal, Dr. Bryn Harari, attended the National Conference of the Prizmah Center for Jewish Day Schools last week. Over 1,000 professionals came from North and South America to learn together for 3 days about current and upcoming educational trends and initiatives.

The conference covered initiatives like Project Based Learning, Universal Design… Read More »

Space X speaks to Students about Beresheet

 Our 5th graders and Upper School students had the special opportunity to enjoy a remarkable presentation from professional space engineers and scientists.  Our own STREAM Lab Coordinator, Dr. Greer invited these accomplished professionals to teach about space exploration. 

They explained the historical launch of the first-ever lunar-bound Israeli  spacecraft, Beresheet. The spacecraft was launched by SpaceIL, a non-profit Israeli organization, who received the Google Lunar X Prize to land a spacecraft on the Moon.  

Our students swelled with pride as the spacecraft shared its first-ever “selfie” from the moon portraying a picture of the Israeli flag, and the words:  “Small… Read More »

Upcoming Production by the Upper School - The Bond of Faith

The Hebrew Academy Upper School is showcasing their very own production this coming Sunday, March 17. Come and see an amazing story of faith and how one girl discovered her true self. Set during the Egyptian exile, Nailah is on a journey to find where she really belongs.

Come see this amazing story and performance at the Hebrew Academy, Huntington Beach, at 5:00 pm. Can’t wait to see you all there! For women and girls and boys under the age of 9.

Students lead fundraiser for Community Non-Profits

Project Based Learning - Spring 2019

Each semester the students lead a "Thesis" project from start to finish. This project ties in their learning from our multi-faceted curriculum and school values. The students design the project from concept to plan, then they oversee the implementation and results. 

This spring, Hebrew Academy students will identify needs in their community, then research non-profit organizations (NGOs) that fulfill those needs.

Through a student-led fundraiser (The Hebrew Academy Shop N Swap, Wednesday May 1st 3:30-5:00), each Middle School grade level will donate to organizations of their choice. Be on the look out for more information regarding our HA Shop N Swap and our Middle School… Read More »

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