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Passover is All About Connecting

Rabbi Newman's Message in the Jewish Chronicle 2019

Passover is All About Connecting

The Seder of Passover is the most widespread practice in the Jewish community worldwide. According to the Pew Research survey 93% of families in Israel and 70% of families in the United States come together for the Seder meal. The Haggadah is the book widely used to guide the folks through the evening. One of my highlights is the passage about the four sons. And at the same time it is perplexing. I understand the wise, simple and even the mischievous son but the one that ‘does not know to ask’ who is he?  If it was knowledge alone that he lacked it would have been covered with the simple son. Why is there a distinction?


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Opening Boys High School


Boys High School to Open in the 2019/20 School Year

The Hebrew Academy is pleased to announce that beginning next school year we will be adding a 9th grade boy’s high school class and adding a grade level each year until the high school is complete.

At our last board meeting, the board gave full approval to the plan that was presented by Rabbi Newman, head of school. The Alevy Family has most generously offered to fund the high school into the future. The gift from the Alevy family to the middle school has allowed the program to grow and thrive and  the family has decided to put their support behind the full high school at this time.

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