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5 Tips for High School Success

5 Educational Strategies that are integral to high school success

  1. Access to advanced academics

    Diverse educational offerings, in school and extracurriculars, are crucial. The Hebrew Academy, along with its current outstanding general and judaic studies programs, have recently partnered with Golden West College to offer our high school students college credits. 

  1. College counseling 

    Robust and supportive counseling helps students realize their higher educational dreams and can have a big impact on where they choose to apply and attend college. 

  1. Closely connects middle school 

    When middle and high schools work together, it has been proven to improve and impact… Read More »


Dear Hebrew Academy Family,

Patrick Crowley color.jpgThere is an excitement in the air at the Hebrew Academy. Like the kids we teach, we are getting bigger, smarter, and stronger every day. Our High School is growing in both the number of students that we are teaching and in the opportunities that we are providing them. Our Middle and Lower Schools are developing thoughtful programs that address the academic, social, and religious needs of our students. It is a great time to be in this great school.

In August, we launched our boys High School. I am so impressed by these mensches. Whenever I step into the refurbished H building, the first thing I notice is not the crisp gray wood flooring but the intelligent conversations emanating from the classrooms. I… Read More »

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