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"Elementary Experiences"

Our Response to the Poway Incident


Dear Hebrew Academy Family, 

We are pained and heartbroken by the tragic shooting that took place yesterday the last day of Pesach, during Yizkor services at Chabad of Poway, California. We grieve for the family of Lori Gilbert-Kaye who lost her life and pray for the recovery of Rabbi Yisrael Goldstein, Noya Dahan and Almog Peretz  who were injured. This hate filled incident is an attack on the entire Jewish community and all civilized people. 

We thank all of those who communicated with us about the incident to express their support and concern. We are grateful for the support of law enforcement both in the Poway area and locally. Our school security director works… Read More »

Hebrew Language Library Opening on Campus - Open to Public!


We are very excited to announce the opening of the very first all Hebrew Library in Orange County. Located inside the Hebrew Academy school library, community members will have the opportunity to check out books written exclusively in Hebrew.


We invite you to attend the grand opening on May 5, 2019 from 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. on our campus.  This even is for ages 8 and under.


There will be a story time in both English and Hebrew, arts and crafts, bounce house, and snacks.


You can purchase tickets here for $7 per person.


Library books include authors for children such as Rinta Hoffer, Nira Harel, J.K Rowling, Ram Oren, Frankel Alona, Leah Goldberg, Levin Kipnis, Miriam Ruth, Maya Hanoh, and Paul… Read More »

Transitioning to Middle School


At the Hebrew Academy, we offer a special program to help our fifth grade students transition successfully to Middle School.  Middle School is a time of tremendous physical, emotional, and intellectual development. Helping our students transition smoothly and easily ensures their academic, as well as their social and emotional success!

Once a week our fifth graders are taught by one of our Middle School teachers. Special classes in science, math, English, and history are designed to model and teach those organizational and executive functioning skills that are key to success in Middle School. Topics include goal setting, time management, personal responsibility, and… Read More »

Inspiring the mind, Nurturing the heart, changing the world

 The Hebrew Academy of Orange County celebrated students community service projects at the annual Mitzvah Night on November 27th at the Alevy Campus. The celebration highlighted the impressive and diverse community projects the students worked on and completed.

Each grade was involved with a different project to help out communal organizations locally and globally. The projects were presented by students with the representatives of the organizations in attendance. Some of the organizations highlighted were Bubbe and Zayde’s Place, Support Our Troops, Simchat Shabbat OC, Friendship Circle, Fill the Food Pantry for LBCC, 2nd Smiles for Seniors, and others.

“Our goal was for our entire community to celebrate; students… Read More »

Why Bilingual?

Why Bilingual?

Learning Modern Hebrew is one of the main goals at The Hebrew Academy. We understand the benefits of learning and thinking in more than one language and bring these to our students through dual language instruction. We make learning Hebrew seamless within their Judaic and General Education studies. 

Learning a second language has many benefits, but becoming bilingual in a language has even more. Research has shown numerous positive effects being bilingual has on the brain and the how it improves ones cognitive ability. This includes better attention span and a better ability to multitask. Bilingual individuals stay on task more and have a larger understanding of sentence structure and linguistics. 

Speaking… Read More »

10 Questions to help you prepare for back to school!

10 Questions to help you prepare for back to school!

The time has come, school is almost back in session. As we prepare for orientation, we have a list of suggested questions to come armed with. This list isn’t exhaustive but hopefully will give you a good start. Make sure to bring a pen or pencil and something to write on! 

  1. What does my child’s school day look like?

  2. What is the policy on late work and make-up work? How does it affect the student’s grade?

  3. How do absences affect the grade? 

  4. How can I check on my son’s or daughter’s progress in school? Do you give weekly progress reports?

  5. How do I know what the homework… Read More »

Calming Kindergarten Nerves

 Calming Kindergarten Nerves

New school years are exciting, but for our little ones starting Kindergarten it can be exciting and nerve wracking all at once. Kindergarten jitters are completely normal. Here are a few ways you can help them be prepared and less anxious on the big day!

  1. Create routines at home to set your child up for success! Kindergarten requires independence and the ability to follow directions. Help your kid get into this routine by having them put their clothes away, cleaning up toys, setting the table, etc. These types of activities will help your child feel comfortable in the classroom.

  2. Meet the teacher! Attend back to school functions and familiarize yourself and your child with the… Read More »

Preschool Seder Experience

Seder Experience with Morah Raizel:

This week, the children participated in a seder. This was our introduction into Pesach. Why start with a seder? Aren’t they usually done right before Pesach? The purpose of beginning our Pesach journey with a seder is to enhance the children’s Pesach experience. Being able to experience the sights, sounds, smells, touch, and tastes of the seder, makes Pesach so much more real for the children. When we talk about all of the concepts at the seder and create our haggadahs, the children will be so able to process the information properly because they experienced it.

Each child had a chance to share what they liked about our seder.

Mendel: That was a good seder. I like… Read More »

Intergenerational Day 2018

20180131_114106.jpgA wonderful annual event took place on January 31st at Hebrew Academy of Orange County to connect students and their families over education, values, and traditions. The school’s annual Intergenerational Day took place on the Hebrew date of Tu b’Shevat, the Jewish new year for trees with many related activities and festivities including planting etrog trees in the school’s Israel orchard as a symbol of continuing life and passing on of traditions.20180131_113716.jpg

The celebration was full of meaningful experiences for the children and adults alike. It was an opportunity for students to connect with other generations in their family, whether grandparents, aunts, uncles or other family members. The opportunity for non-parental family… Read More »

Hebrew Academy Library Presents: Author's Day

On Thursday, January 25th, the Parent Association of Hebrew Academy is proud to celebrate Author's Day with your students. We will be visited by two authors, David Newman and Claude Abraham. Mr. Newman is an accomplished and award-winning author of children's books. For more about his books, you can check out his website.

If you would like your student to have his books, you can fill out this form. Additionally, Adam will be happy to sign any purchases the day of the event

Dr. Claude Abraham will be addressing the Upper School students. He has written 14 books, been knighted by the French government, given the Humboldt prize by the German government, and made a fellow of the Humanities Research Centre of the Australian National… Read More »

Upcoming Mitzvah Night


A festive celebration will be highlighting the fantastic community kindness projects Hebrew Academy of Orange County students have done. Taking place on Saturday, January 20th, “Lighting Up the Night” will be the annual Mitzvah Night to celebrate these great projects.


With each grade involved with a different project to help out various non-profit organizations in the area, there will be presentations by students, as well as representatives of the respective organizations. The organizations include, but are not limited to Bubbe and Zayde's Place, Simchat Shabbat OC, Support Our Troops, and Friendship Circle, amongst others.


In addition to the presentations, there will be a Mexican fiesta dinner, as… Read More »

Elementary Experiences - "Fressil"

"Fressil" - Fifth Grade Students Create Writing Company

    When it comes to seeking out a company to outsource your writing needs, have you considered elementary school students? An entrepreneurial group of fifth graders at Hebrew Academy of Orange County has created a company that does just that.

       The company, Fressil, writes wonderful, unique stories that people specially request.  They are well-written (thanks to the Wondering Writing program at Hebrew Academy) and hand-delivered, selling for about $1 per story.

       A trio of fifth grade boys - DovBer Fried, Kalev Hess, and Gil Lichtmacher – decided to start… Read More »

Hebrew Academy Student Wins National Hanukkah Essay Contest

Elias Greenwood reading essay Imagine getting flown to the nation’s capital to celebrate Hanukkah for winning a national essay contest. Now imagine getting to light a massive menorah while there. That is something magical that recently happened for one of our students right here at Hebrew Academy.

            Winning a national essay contest to light the nation’s largest menorah on the first night of Hanukkah was one of our own. Hebrew Academy fourth grader Elias Greenwood flew to our nation’s capital at the beginning of Hanukkah to light the National Menorah, run by The National Menorah Council, a project of American Friends of Lubavitch. Greenwood’s winning of the Rabbi Mendy… Read More »

Elementary Experiences - Mrs. Candy Kahn


A day in the life of a kindergartener!

Our fantastic Kindergarten class has been hard at work and play. They have all made the huge transition from Pre-K into their first school class beautifully! We are so proud of them!

The children are learning to recognize their numbers, letter names and sounds, and sight words. They each read in class daily, either individually or in groups and receive a short reader to take home and practice with their parents.

The Kindergarten day is jam packed with activities! We start out with our “Daily Fix-it”, where children are learning to correct grammar in a sentence. We have learnt about spacing, a period and having uppercase letters for names and the beginning of sentences. The… Read More »

Elementary Experiences - Mrs. Lauren Wolder

Hi from First Grade!

WOW.....Its October already!😀 

After a VERY busy time with all our holidays, it feels good to get back into a 'full week' routine. 

In English, we are already nearing the end of our first classroom reader, and 5th weekly story. Each story in our Pearson Reading Street Program, focuses on specific readingwriting and  grammatical skills.

 This week, we read " Get the Egg". Our students discussed how we can help animals in the wild, and followed the writing process, ( planning, rough draft, editing and final copy ) as they completed their non- fiction, information paragraphs. We identified words with the short e vowel sound, and sorted our… Read More »

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