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Upper School Corner - Mrs. Jennifer Bledsoe

Thursday, 10 December, 2015 - 1:19 pm

During November, many students in our upper school participated in the Evelyn Linden Baldwin Writing Competition.  While applying the skills they’ve acquired in their English classes, students selected a writing style through which they addressed this year’s prompt:  An import mitzvah in Judaism is Tikkun Olam, or Repairing the World.  How do you fulfill this mitzvah?

Students reflected on the subject, engaged in conversation about the importance of this mitzvah, and developed responses such as narratives about family members who have inspired them to action, and poetry responses in which they express their intentions to “Repair the World”.  Teachers helped facilitate discussions, and consulted with students about word choice, organization, and conventions of English usage.  The skills students have been developing in their general studies classes were applied to their Judaics studies as well, reinforcing those  values, while involving students in the greater Jewish community through the Alpert Jewish Community Center.

When students were asked to reflect on this writing process, they revealed unanimously positive experiences.  Most students celebrated the freedom of writing in a style of their choosing, and being able to express themselves creatively.  One student stated, “I liked being able to express myself about this, because Tikkun Olam is a topic I’m passionate about.”  Another student shared, “I liked thinking about how a single act can change more than you think.  There are many ways to change our world.”

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