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Upper School Corner - Ms. Erica Wolfsen

Wednesday, 24 February, 2016 - 11:18 am

Some of our High Schools students have shown an intense love of learning in art class this year. Students Sarah Isti, Leah Berkowitz, and Bassi Popack are going above and beyond the required coursework to create large canvas paintings with a personal message.

Sarah Isti completed a 24"x 30" portrait of Baba Sali, a Sefardic righteous Rabbi. Sarah grew up hearing about his many miracles and she hopes that her painting will encourage more people to learn about him. "He reminds me of my ancestry and the Jews of Morocco. I have a great respect for him and he inspires me."

Leah Berkowitz is half way through a portrait of her uncle, Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz, who suffers from ALS. She is working hard to complete the painting and intends to present it as a gift to her uncle. But please don't tell anyone, she wants it to be a surprise.

Bassi Popack has been working on a Chanukah painting using decorative geometric patterns. The art department held a holiday design contest and Bassi's design was a chosen winner among many Chanukah-themed artworks. Her prize was a canvas, paint, and time to realize the work on a large scale.

Ms. Erica Wolfsen

Art Teacher

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