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Upper School Corner - Mrs. Raychel Lydon

Thursday, 10 March, 2016 - 12:20 pm

Propaganda Posters

As part of the Hebrew Academy High School’s American History class, students have just completed an in-depth study of the Great War, also known as World War One. Our scholars focused on the homefront, learning how Americans at home were affected in their daily lives by the fighting of so many soldiers abroad. At the conclusion of the unit, with support from Mrs. Lydon and Ms. Wolfsen, pairs of students worked to create their own propaganda posters in the style of posters produced by the Committee on Public Information in its efforts to influence American opinion about the war. The posters covered a broad range of topics, including encouraging Americans to create victory gardens, persuading women to participate in the war effort, asking men to volunteer to serve, and exacerbating negative feelings about the Central Powers. These impressive works of art are now on display in the front room of the Hebrew Academy library.

Mrs. Raychel Lydon

Upper School Humanities Chair





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