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Upper School Corner - Mr. Doug Nason

Friday, 16 September, 2016 - 12:21 pm

Mr. Doug Nason - Science Teacher 

 "Science is a window through which we view the world. It is not the only window, nor is it always the best window. But it is an important way to view our world."

These are the words I greeted our students with this year. I hope they didn't get too confused! My name is Doug Nason, and I've been teaching science at public and private schools throughout O.C., most notable at the Prentice School in North Tustin. I am so happy to be working here with Mrs. Harkins and the rest of the staff as we craft a meaningful and challenging year for our students. 

The middle school science classes have jumped right into our Life Science text as we explore the inter-connectedness of our natural world. Students are learning about food chains, element cycles, biomes, populations, and many other factors in Ecology. Ecology comes from the greek word for "house" (oikos). Together, we are learning about how all living things on earth get along with their environment as if they were living in one BIG house we call earth.

My challenge for all of you is to explore this awesome house we live in and peek through the window of science. Go out on a hike in the hills above Irvine, or explore the wetlands of Bolsa Chica or Newport Back Bay. By understanding our inter-connectedness, we can fully realize how each of us plays an important role in our world.

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