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Upper School Corner - Mrs. Jennifer Bledsoe

Thursday, 1 December, 2016 - 4:23 pm


 Preparing for the Future

The students in the high school have been engaged in activities which focus on postsecondary preparedness. We have been examining the entrance requirements of the various colleges and seminaries for which your students have expressed interest. All high school students wrote college application essays for their college or seminary of choice. This was a very practical exercise for our seniors, who have submitted applications beginning at the end of November. We have learned about the traits of a compelling entrance essay, and we’ve explored various methods of writing which will help our students’ submissions to stand out.

Additionally, our seniors sat down for another in an ongoing series of meetings with Ms. Schneider, who gave the students an overview and timeline for the application process. Ms. Schneider  shared the prevailing wisdom of applying to five colleges (two “safety schools” to which our students could expect admission easily, two schools to which they could realistically gain admission, and one “reach” or dream school). Seniors also heard about the application timeline for financial aid and Cal Grants which begins in January. The pros and cons of taking the SAT or ACT again were weighed, and possible qualifying options for “gap year” were explained. Our seniors left this meeting and made arrangements to meet with Ms. Schneider to have a more in-depth one-on-one tailored meeting to ensure they are on their desired pathways, meeting deadlines and requirements as they go.

While the seniors have naturally engaged in the most timely and personally relevant activities surrounding postsecondary educational opportunities, our 9th through 11th grade students have also been participating in activities which will help them prepare for their desired college, technical school, or seminary. On November 2, all 10th and 11th grade students took the PSAT test. Our 9th through 11th grade students also wrote college admissions essays, thus beginning or continuing to investigate the many educational options available. We examined various schools and their educational programs, and our students discussed how to meet the requirements to gain entrance. Throughout these discussions, our students were reassured by both faculty and our seniors that this is an ongoing discussion that staff and students have together throughout their high school careers, though one which is individually tailored, and narrowed as they progress through the grades. Echoing through all of these discussions is the reassurance and motivation that, “No matter where you want to go there is a way to get there.”


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