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Upper School Corner - Mr. Paul Sangha

Friday, 20 October, 2017 - 3:48 pm

Scientific Inquiry- Bridging Hearts and Minds

Small class sizes, something I never fathomed to experience in public education. The ability to track, assess, motivate and engage students is a customized experience here at Hebrew Academy. We all learn differently and science can be a difficult topic to get across to young minds. I am very blessed and grateful to have this opportunity to investigate scientific concepts with a group of eager students and a very supportive and flexible staff.

We have began the year as most science classes do, by engaging in discussions and creating a climate of respect and acceptance. Student’s quickly began learning about scientific investigations and how learning can be a community effort. We are all smarter together than any one individual is alone. In this class we have a community of scientists that rely on each other to generate ideas and communicate information. This level of cooperation does take time to develop, but we are now beginning to reap the fruits of our labor.  

Students have began applying their skills in our first class investigation about the strength of geometric shapes. This investigation has further developed into the application of bridge building. Students took strings and 12 straws and created a simple bridge design. They then added weights to the bridge until it collapsed. Students recorded data, analyzed it and compared their results. We had a class competition to see which classes bridge would hold the most weight. The winning class held over 20 pounds!  

Kids really used their textbooks today :)

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