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Upper School Corner - Rabbi Avrohom Popack

Wednesday, 25 October, 2017 - 1:32 pm

Judaic studies at the Hebrew Academy strengthens and reinforces everything that our students learn all  across the curriculum.

Moreover, the method in which our students engage in Chumash/ Torah studies in Middle school affords them wonderful opportunities  to stretch their thinking and imagination, and the ability to create and construct powerful and inspiring personal life lessons that they can apply to their  lives as students today and that will guide and shape their characters long into the future.   

As our students study the original text of the Torah, they are asked to make associations and form connections with everything else in their lives.Our Middle school boys Chumash/Torah class incorporates Bloom's taxonomy of critical thinking, in the instruction as well as in student independent work.

 Life Lesson Reflection is a big highlight in  Torah class..

Upon learning a section of Torah, student’s  recall what was learned from the text, analyze its content further, and  unravel the  spirit of the Torah’s  timeless teachings..

Our students then explore current events and modern day living situations at home and in the community to make real life connections to what was discussed in the Torah text. Our students then  identify practical examples that will inspire our student’s lives propelling them to live their lives consistent with Torah values.

It’s always a special moment when a student says “Wow!That just happened to me!” or when they share how the lesson shared in class was actually applied at a later date.These ‘aha’ Moments are incredible, memorable and gratifying.

These life lessons form the building blocks of meaningful Divrei Torahs (Torah sermons) that our students go on to create and present to the class. This exercise provides  our students a remarkable outlet for self expression and and an opportunity to share what is important and valuable to them and to their peers.

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