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Elementary Experiences - Mrs. Colleen Markowitz

Tuesday, 16 February, 2016 - 4:10 pm

From the Desk of Mrs. Markowitz & Mrs. Choi

3rd Grade General Studies

Even at a young age, our 3rd grade students are learning the importance of how to properly research information. Through the use of technology that is readily available in our classroom, the students have been using iPads and computers to learn and extract key information about our presidents, in honor of Presidents' Day. 

Each 3rd grader was assigned a president to conduct their research. Through links provided by the teacher, students have visited reputable and credible websites to extract the necessary information in order to learn more about their special president.

Once the research is complete, students are encouraged to create a poster board in order to present their information. 

We proudly invite all parents to visit our "Living History Museum" on Wednesday, 2/24 from 11:15am-11:50am in our classroom, C3. Our students, who will be posing as the presidents, will share the information they have researched with you!

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