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Elementary Experiences - Mrs. Susan Choi

Friday, 23 September, 2016 - 1:47 pm

From the Desk of Mrs. Choi

General Studies- 3rd Grade

Welcome to 3rd grade!

We had a great start to a new year! The first few weeks of school were spent reviewing the 2nd grade curriculum.  This week we finally began the 3rd grade curriculum and the students were more than thrilled. We’ve read 2 stories in our reading program, “Charlie McButton” and “What About Me?” In preparation for our first writing project/unit (personal narratives), we have been busy writing about ourselves in our writing journal.  In math, we have started to practice multiplication by skip counting.

3rd grade will be filled with lots of fun and excitement this year. In order to maintain a healthy balance at school and home, parents should remember the following:

How can you help your child succeed in school?

  1. Encourage them to read every night.

  2. Make homework time, quality time.

  3. Make sure they get plenty of sleep.

  4. Teach them to be responsible for their actions and school work.

  5. Ask them about their day.



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